dynamic, vibrant and committed lawyers

We are a group of dynamic, vibrant and committed lawyers with strong credentials in our fields of practice. We believe in growing together with our clients’ businesses and continuously strive to provide formidable solutions for our clients in both legal and commercial aspects.

We Listen

At LAW Partnership, our aim is to assist our clients in achieving their objectives as smoothly and efficiently as possible while managing legal complications and regulatory risks. Our lawyers have proven track records in providing specialised legal services in both domestic and cross-border disputes and transactions.

We Deliver

We listen to our clients’ needs and provide practical solutions thereto. Corporations today are sophisticated and look for lawyers who not only understand their business but are passionate in helping them grow their business to the next level.

We believe that what we do forms an integral part of the business process and brings value to the enterprise. Similarly, we provide solutions to challenges in a manner that is strategic, dignified and equitable.


Corporate Social Responsibility

At LAW Partnership, we take corporate social responsibility seriously. From performing pro bono work for those most in need of legal aid, to contributing to the community through legal education, we aim to give back to the community as much as we can. We believe in being not only professional, but also responsible and ethical, and are committed to upholding high standards in the legal industry.

Pro Bono work & Contributing to the community

Our partners have long been supporters of pro bono work and are passionate about improving the lives of the underprivileged in the community. We are strong advocates of the Dignity for Children Foundation, a non-governmental organisation that provides holistic care and education for poor, urban children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, serving more than 1,000 children and youths aged 8-18.

Other than operating education programmes in Kuala Lumpur, the Foundation also supports other community schools working with poor children in South East Asia through its community school start-up and teachers’ training programmes. Our Partner, Suaran Singh Sidhu, has personally worked with associates to perform pro bono work for the less fortunate through their involvement the Foundation.

Supporting Legal Training and Education

We support continuing legal profession training and education for business and law students and undergraduates. Our partners and associate have worked with a number of legal education providers in Malaysia to provide legal training to their students, and these courses are recognised by the Bar Council of Malaysia.

Our partners play an active role within the Bar Council of Malaysia by serving time for the betterment of the legal industry through participation in various committees and in delivering talks on current legal regulatory updates. We also work with renowned colleges in Malaysia in presenting Book Prizes to academically well-achieved students in the legal fraternity.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that possessing diverse talent across our team is advantageous and the inclusion culture where each person is able to be himself or herself is key to the creation of a positive work environment. We have a diverse culture and gender blend within the firm and are making progress every single day and will continue to do everything possible to create the best environment for our employees, to make sure that the firm is a fair and inclusive place to work in.

We embrace and value the differences of one another and reflect the sentiment when it comes to our leadership, evaluation, recruitment of diverse talent, and providing professional and career support. We envision a diverse team encapsulated within an inclusive culture that emphasises on respect for all and the empowerment of our members so that they can attain their highest potential, while remaining true to themselves.